10000 TAKA
  • LevelAll Levels
  • PrerequisiteBasic Computer
  • Duration3 month
  • After Discount10000 Taka
  • Student Seat20 Students

Material Includes

  • 24 hours on-demand Support
  • Classs Video
  • Provide all resources and software
  • Full lifetime access
  • Must needed own Computer
  • Certificate of Completion

UI (User Interface) design refers to the visual design and layout of an application's interface and its elements, such as buttons, icons, forms, and more. It focuses on making the interface attractive and intuitive for the user to interact with. UX (Interface Experience) design is the overall process of designing a product, including exploration, testing, and replication, to produce a flawless and pleasurable experience for the user. It encompasses the entire trip of the user with a product, from the first commerce to post-purchase evaluation. Both UI and UX are important factors in product design, but they serve different purposes and bear different skill sets. UI design focuses on the look and sense of the product, while UX design focuses on the usability and experience of the product.

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